Greed in New Zealand

The local retailers complain that offshore suppliers are destroying their ability to compete. I for one, will research a product locally. Then search offshore and factor in the Exchange Rate,Freight and Duties. If the difference is not great, it will be a local purchase. There are far too many retailers who want to fund their plush lifestyles at the expense of others. I am not against anybody making a profit. But when I can buy a NZ made product offshore for 1/5 of the local price (exchange rate and freight factored in), you have to wonder about the ethics of some companies.

Dairy Misery in New Zealand

The local dairy farmers only have themselves to blame for the serious situation they are in the moment. Who in their right minds would place all their eggs in one basket? We were taught at an early age (or we should have been) to diversify and spread the risk across a few or more investments to ensure a total collapse of your investment does not leave you in a big hole. We are obviously not competitive enough or cost effective. All you need to do is look at the way banks and insurance companies work. The message is simple - DIVERSIFY!

Our Family Tree

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