Parky's Law

You can get shot in New Zealand

Again we have the typical shoot first and ask questions afterwards by the hunting community.
Nowhere in the world have I seen an example of 'victims' be they protected species or teachers brushing their teeth on a camping trip being shot because they moved.
CLEARLY this must be the weapon's fault. So we must therefore ban firearms.
It scares me shitless that we have idiots running around with rifles/shotguns, ready to blast the first thing that moves, WITHOUT IDENTIFYING their target.

Our Family Tree

Alexander, Barnard, Beamish, Botha, Burkinshaw, Buttery, Carter,
Cawdry, de Jager,Fallon, Featherstone, Freeman,
Gerber, Herbst, Kannemeyer,Kelly, Kritzinger, Liebich,
Murray ,Scheltema, Smit(h), Waarle and others..

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